GPS Asset tracking

Deliver efficiency and uncompromised security of assets
even if taken to most remote locations. Streamline manual
operations. Make data-driven decisions.

HD Tracking
As accurate as it gets
Real-time tracking meets 5G for the unapologetically accurate track. Provide coordinates, speeds,
directions with the highest precision and don’t let remote areas or concrete jungle stop you from
pinning the exact location.
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Forward to the past
Allow to playback trips
and events to see
what might have been missed in real time.
Reproduce the routes.

Track and manage
multiple objects

Filter objects to swiftly
search needed ones,
group them into clusters
for viewing on the map in small scale.

real-time positioning

The best mapping on the market, modern methods of geolocation and real time data update on the screen.

360° street
view and traffic

Build less traffic routes.
View streets and buildings in 360° at every point of the track.

Real-time Telemetry Data

Seconds matter
when it comes to high-value assets.
Empower clients with profound realtime visibility:

Geofencing and POI

Protect cargo and equipment from
unauthorized use or theft by sheltering them with a virtual fencing. Deliver automatic notifications when the asset leaves the perimeter. Help clients respond faster and recover misused assets.

Alerts on everything important
Instantly learn about key events, react to changes on time with
instant automatic alarms. Customize notifications.
Instantly learn about key events, react to changes on time with instant automatic alarms. Customize notifications.
Over 1100+ GPS tracking devices closely supported

Effortlessly scale up your business, reach customers with different business needs and
requirements with the hardware-independent platform.

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GPS hardware activation gone automatic

We automated M2M commands to provide
plug-and-play simplicity of the initial configuration. Intuitively fill in the parameters
and start GPS asset tracking in minutes.

Remote GPS hardware management

Remote GPS hardware management

Navntrack  provides graphic interface with easy controls so that users could adjust parameters in a very convenient way. The smarter GPS tracker is, the wider set of options is available.

All saved settings are automatically converted to M2M commands and sent immediately even if the device is currently offline.


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